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Wine Paring with Chef Forrest

We get many requests asking about High Plains Bison and wine, both as wine pairings or in a recipe. If you’re perplexed about which vino to serve with your delicious High Plains Bison, here is a Wine Pairings video with Michael Green of Gourmet magazine that may clear up some mysteries.

But we also wanted to share one of my favorites recipes, Pan Seared NY Strip Steaks with Red Wine Sauce.

It’s a true classic that you’ll come back to again and again for its simplicity and elegance. The marriage of the red wine and the pan-seared High Plains Bison NY Strip steak with its magnificent flavor crust is truly a match made in heaven.

Just remember to sear your High Plains Bison NY Strip steak in a cast iron pan, cook them to medium rare….allow them to rest…….so that the naural juices can redistribute themselves throughout the Bison Steak, then slice……….. and most of all

ENJOY!!……………..Chef Forrest

August 26th, 2011
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